Password Selection and Security

  • Date: April 21, 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Password Selection

The balance between the highly secure password and remembering it when required is the utility. Every time a site is crashed or security is breached we flinch at the idea of getting hacked. We know that creating a secure password is supreme but how does one create and remember them?

The anatomies of a secure password are:
(1) Length of password is proportional to it’s length, longer password is difficult to crack.
(2) Use of various capitalisations, numbers and punctuations.
(3) Do not use dictionary words, names or places.
Hackers use various permutations and combinations with dictionaries and significant dates and they end up cracking two-third of the passwords available. Password breaches of websites like Adobe make is think how insecure our password might be? If you want to know how secure your password is, run it past online password checkers which have various parameters like length and numerics to tell how strong a password is.
Password Selection
The only problem to come up with unbreakable password is to remember it. There are various ways and methods put up by security experts listed below to create and remember the passwords.
(1) Bruce Schneier’s Method: Take any sentence and turn it into a password.
(2) The Electrum Method: Pick up 12 random words and put them together to form a password, also known as 12-word seed.
(3) PAO Method: Pick up any image or word and join them partly to make a password.
(4) Phonetic Muscle Memory: Generate a number of passwords online then write them in the notepad to check how easily they can be typed, pick out the best one and it will be easily stored into your muscle memory.
The most important step after creating a password is to not reuse them on other sited, then comes up the question of remembering them. Sign up for the password management tool which keeps encrypted record and data of all your passwords at a single place and just remember the master password of that tool. They integrate nicely with any device or browser.

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